Who is Markendaya Maha Rishi.... Our God Father

Mrikand Muni, Markandeya s father performed tremendous austerities to get a son from Shiva. After some time Lord Shiva appeared to him and asked him what boon he wanted. Mrikand Muni told Shiva that he wanted a son. Shiva said to him, “You can have a foolish son with a long life or you can have a very intelligent son; but he will die at an early age. Mrikand Muni said, “I’ll take the intelligent son. Markandeya was born as the son to Mrikand Muni and Mrikand Muni was very happy.

Markandeya grew up as a lover of Shiva. His father gave him a lot of knowledge and taught him how to do tapasya. When his son reached 16 years of age, Mrikand Muni became despondent because he knew that his son would die early. He decided that he would not live in the world without his son and he tried to take his own life. Just then Narad Muni appeared and asked Mrikand Muni why he was trying take his own life. Mrikand Muni explained that he was very sad that his son would die soon. When Markandeya overheard this, he said to his father, This body is nothing but the five elements and it is not eternal. Why are you sad even though you have so much knowledge? Mrikand Muni replied, I am sad because I will not be able to see you any more

Hearing this conversation Narad Muni advised Markandeya, You perform austerities for Shiva and Shiva will give you blessings. Shiva brought you here and Shiva will take from here

In South India, the cloth merchants (who held the title itle for trader) sometimes exploited regular weavers. The lack of cotton cultivation in Kerala might have given greater role to middlemen. However, it is also observed that in 18th and 19th century many weavers could live an independent and undisturbed life.

The post independence (1950 onwards) era saw total destruction of Edaanga Saliyas' handloom industry in the face of powerlooms elsewhere in India. The community members were relatively late to take up education seriously, a situation one can still observe in weavers in other states also among other artisan castes. The present generation is hardly employed in weaving.

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